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Guerrilla Foundation

Research tactics and methodologies:



What are some ways that organizations can define their core values and turn them into a genuine brand strategy without dying in the attempt?


In this case study, we will explore the graphic identity project I undertook in collaboration with Guerrilla Foundation, an organization dedicated to activism and radical funding. In response to their need to effectively communicate their mission and vision, we developed a unique and authentic design strategy.



Guerrilla Foundation approached me with the goal of creating a graphic identity that would reflect their activist spirit and criticism of philanthrocapitalism. We set out to capture the essence of the organization and communicate it through a coherent and meaningful visual language.

In this sense the primary goal was to develop a visual language that effectively communicates:

  • Organic, diverse, complex, and layered social contexts.
  • Represents the multitude of approaches and ideas supported by Guerrilla Foundation.


Impact indicators:
  • Logo update.
  • Typography definition.
  • Color palette definition.
  • Visual language definition.
  • Modular system for social media content.
  • Presentation template.
Process indicators:
  • Meeting deadlines.
  • Maintaining visual coherence and authenticity.
  • Incorporating pre-established client feedback within the timeline.
  • Internal and external collaboration.

Team & roles

4 team members:

  • 2 communication members from Guerrilla Foundation.
    • One of them as the project's internal connector.
  • 1 Guerrilla Foundation's director.
  • 1 graphic designer.
    • Also as an external connector.


  • +4 weeks for the graphic identity.
  • +4 weeks for the Annual Report 2022.



Before embarking on the creative process, we conducted thorough research on Guerrilla Foundation and its context. We delved into their mission, values, and approaches, as well as the criticisms and challenges they face in their work. This research provided us with a solid foundation for making informed decisions in the development of the graphic identity.


Here are some of the highlights:

  • Logo Update: Since the logo is already well-known, we decided to make only a few adjustments to ensure its accessibility in various formats.
  • Distinctive Typography and Color Palette: We updated the typography to reflect the unique personality of Guerrilla Foundation. Additionally, we defined a representative color palette that conveyed the passion and energy of the organization.
  • Visual Language and Modular System: We created a coherent visual language and modular system for Guerrilla Foundation's social media content. This allowed the organization to stand out and effectively convey their message clearly and effectively on various platforms.

To see one of the products of this project, check out the Guerrilla Foundation's Annual Report 2022 here.

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